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To recommend places, personalities or travel services to profile, or to inquire about consulting fees or request consulting advice, or contract with The Contemplative Traveler©™ to write content for your travel or hospitality-related publications or website, please reach out by email or social media:

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Requesting Permission to Use/Reprint Content or Images?

To request permission to use any of the written content or photographs presented on this website, please view the Copyright and Permissions Statement at the link provided. Then, email The Contemplative Traveler©™ via the e-mail address shown above, identifying specifically which text or images you wish to use, as well as how and where you hope to use the material (commercially or for educational or other non-profit purposes).

Responses to permissions requests may take up to three weeks, depending on the schedule of The Contemplative Traveler©™. If permission is granted, you will be provided with the specific copyright/attribution language to be used when crediting her work.

Requests for permission which do not follow the format above will not be honored. (Please do not use the comments section of this website to request permission to reuse the text, photographs or other content provided on this website. Permission requests submitted this way are tagged as spam, and are not read by the website’s creator.)

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