Increased Mindfulness Linked to Decreased Metastatic Breast Cancer Symptom Levels

“Mindfulness helps us relate to our thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms in a different way…. Over time, people who are more mindful can buffer their stresses, and that may have a more beneficial impact on the body.”

—Lauren A. Zimmaro, PhD

“Mindfulness is a good resource for dealing with the physical and psychological symptoms of metastatic breast disease,” according to Lauren Zimmaro, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow with the Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention and Control Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Zimmaro reported this hopeful news for breast cancer patients in the fall of 2019, based on the findings of a recent research study at Fox Chase involving 64 women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). As part of this study, the participants completed questionnaires which evaluated the potential efficacy of mindfulness—“the ability to keep the mind focused on the present moment”—in reducing a range of common MBC symptoms, including: anxiety, depression or other forms of psychological distress; fatigue; sleep disturbance; and pain—both in terms of both severity and its interference with a patient’s ability to function.

For more information about this important research news, read the full article on the Cancer Research Report site.


Image: Woman meditating at sunset (public domain).



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