Avian Airport

Avian Airstrip, © Laurie Snyder, 2019. All rights reserved.

Avian Airport
By Laurie Snyder

Sated by their first light feast on soccer field grass,
They begin aligning themselves for takeoff,
This park-dwelling flock of geese,
Now more Californian than Canadian.

Disparaged all too often as damnable dung factories
Or merely uninteresting by the most unmindful of eyes,
They are comforting by their very presence and predictability—
A gift to those looking up from soul-snatching smart phones.

Blood pressures drop; breaths slow and deepen
As the senses reignite, sparked by the crisp fall air
And the recognition that workday woes are ephemeral
When compared with the agelessness of avian activity.

Bath and Breakfast, © Laurie Snyder, 2019. All rights reserved.

A daily round of ups and downs,
Punctuated by bath breaks, buffets and
Mother Nature’s waterfowl counterpart to the catnap,
The lives of geese are simple and sure.

No jockeying for promotion, or yearning for work-life balance,
No deadlines or drama, prompting questions about self-worth,
Just steady, Zen-like routine, inspiring
Confidence that life is good and unfolding as it should be.

Ah! But just when we think we’ve discovered life’s secret,
A teachable moment arrives with the new day’s dawn.

This morning’s takeoff—not so smooth;
Wingmen pulling up sharply, banking away,
Startled; aborting ascents, mid-air
As crows invade gander airspace,
Murdering the flight path
While grounding other departures.

It seems that, while consistency may be comforting,
Only the attentive and adaptable survive.


Poetry and Photographs: Laurie Snyder, © 2019. All rights reserved.


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