Mimi’s Cafe: A Comforting Start to a Rainy Day

Crispy bacon and roasted potatoes with two eggs, over easy, at Mimi’s Café, Antioch, California, April 2019 (Laurie Snyder, ©2019-present).

“My favorite meal would have to be good old-fashioned eggs, over easy, with bacon. Many others, but you can’t beat that on a Sunday morning, especially with a cup of tea.”

Gary Oldman


Start that meal off with a blueberry muffin and replace that tea with a great cup of coffee and you have the quintessential recipe for banishing the blahs of a rainy day. That’s what The Contemplative Traveler©™ chose to do one Sunday earlier this year.

Her venue of choice? Mimi’s Café in Antioch, California.

Mimi’s Cafe in Antioch, California on a gray day in April 2019 (Laurie Snyder, ©2019-present).

The service was friendly and efficient. The muffin was so huge that it inspired The Contemplative Traveler©™ to take a reading break before proceeding on to the main event — two eggs over easy with roasted potatoes and crispy bacon.

Each was done perfectly, which is no mean feat when you consider that The Contemplative Traveler©™ has the same exacting standards for bacon as the prolific filmmaker David Lynch “super crispy, almost burned, snapping-crispy bacon.” (Were she dining with Mr. Lynch, The Contemplative Traveler©™ would hasten to add, with a smile, “Burned. Not a hint of fat. No, really, I’m serious. Burned. Please? Thank you.” Were her best friend also dining with the pair, she would helpfully point out, “She’s not kidding. Extra-crispy. If it’s limp, she’ll send it back.”)

The Contemplative Traveler©™ is not an unkind or obsessive person. Far from it. It’s simply that the sight of hungry diners struggling to lift flappy pieces of bacon from plate to mouth is just sad. When prepared properly, however, bacon can become, as music icon Katy Perry once called it, “the meat candy of the world.”

And meat candy it was this day in Antioch. The food at Mimi’s was done so well and was so tasty, in fact, that it generated a sigh from The Contemplative Traveler©™, and then another, and another. Before long, the gray clouds were banished — inside and out.

And that’s the wonder of sitting down for a meal at Mimi’s. Yes, the restaurant is part of a chain — but it’s part of a chain of good restaurants — restaurants that, day in and day out, create consistent, reliable dining experiences for patrons who just want good food at reasonable prices — and at a pace that allows time for relaxation and reflection.

Because a bit of mindful, contented eating is a good thing now and again.


Why, yes, that blueberry muffin at Mimi’s Cafe WAS nearly the same size as a mug of coffee!



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